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Attorney Morenberg represents companies in most legal issues involving the employment relationship.  

  • Defending companies against lawsuits that allege sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, violations of family and medical leave, unpaid wages, and occupational health or safety violations.

  • Counseling businesses regarding the accommodation of physical and mental disabilities, as well as the accommodation of religious practices in the workplace.

  • Assisting companies to draft or enforce non-competition and non-disclosure agreements as well as agreements to limit the solicitation of valued employees.

  • Counseling businesses to ensure compliance with Massachusetts and federal employment laws.

  • Advising managers and HR professionals regarding workplace investigations and employee discipline; and terminations, layoffs, and severance packages.  Representing companies in hearings and appeals to contest unemployment benefits.

  • Providing advice on best practices in employment policies; drafting employee policy handbooks.

  • Training for managers and employees regarding employment laws, including prevention of discrimination and sexual harassment; disability and medical leave; diversity and affirmative action; etc.

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